This whole thing was a powerful collection of flavours, picked chillies and artichoke hearts, anchovies and capers. They ride close to the edge, but it's delicious and really brought all together by the egg. As much as it did work, I think next time I might be tempted to leave the capers out of the sauce, just to tone things down one notch.

Love the process of marinating the turkey in buttermilk... Well, actually Greek yoghurt and lemon in this case, because buttermilk is not always at hand. The crisp onions, coconut flour and sesame seed coating was lovely and flavoursome, however it didn't crisp up as I would like. Perhaps a, a bigger pan, a higher temperature in the pan, or even using the oven instead.

Added a sesame, spinach and feta salad that was made for lunch.

From Tom Kerridge - Dopamine Diet, pg. 208